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Adopting New-Urbanism Design Principles When Building Mixed-Use Self-Storage Projects

A mixed-use approach can help self-storage projects gain approval in places where they were never accepted before; but moving into retail and residential areas requires adaptations to facility design. Learn how adopting the principles of new urbanism creates solutions. With today’s “live, work, play” focus, mixed-use projects that include self-storage meet the growing demand for […]

Half of Iowa population growth happening in Des Moines.

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Growth in Des Moines metro accounts for half of Iowa’s recent population increase The booming Des Moines suburbs account for half of Iowa’s total population increase since 2010, according to newly published 2019 population estimates from the State Data Center. Waukee is the state’s fastest-growing city of more than 20,000 people. The expanding western suburb grew by […]

According to USNEWS: Self-Storage Offers Investment Opportunities.

Storage-Partners REIT commercial property investing

WHEN IT COMES TO REAL estate investing, profits and losses track to market cycles. Many residential real estate investors shy away from dealing with tenants and maintenance. As a result, they’re seeking other real estate asset classes to invest in. After more than a decade of flipping single-family homes, licensed Realtor and general contractor Scott Mednick is […]

Common Misconceptions About Self-Storage Development Debunked.

Self Storage Facility Investment Investing in Storage

If you’re thinking about building a self-storage facility, you might have some preconceived notions about the process. The author busts some common misconceptions and shows you what to really expect. The self-storage industry has been experiencing a construction boom over the past few years, with many new projects being built all over the county. The […]

Veteran Self Storage Developer Integrates Facility Automation with Every Project

Dave Fegley Park Avenue Consultants

Veteran Self Storage Developer Integrates Facility Automation with Every Project. January, 16 2018 – Industry veteran Dave Fegley of Park Avenue Consulting, LLC. has been developing self storage projects for over 35 years throughout Iowa and the Midwest. Having built, managed and sold multiple storage facilities over the years, he currently consults on new projects, and as you […]