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Adopting New-Urbanism Design Principles When Building Mixed-Use Self-Storage Projects

A mixed-use approach can help self-storage projects gain approval in places where they were never accepted before; but moving into retail and residential areas requires adaptations to facility design. Learn how adopting the principles of new urbanism creates solutions. With today’s “live, work, play” focus, mixed-use projects that include self-storage meet the growing demand for […]

Half of Iowa population growth happening in Des Moines.

Business growth in Des Moines Storage development Partners opportunity

Growth in Des Moines metro accounts for half of Iowa’s recent population increase The booming Des Moines suburbs account for half of Iowa’s total population increase since 2010, according to newly published 2019 population estimates from the State Data Center. Waukee is the state’s fastest-growing city of more than 20,000 people. The expanding western suburb grew by […]

Investor shares wealth of knowledge on trends and investor feedback on the Self Storage Industry in today’s economy.

Investing in Self Storage during a pandemic

Ari Rastegar shares his wealth of knowledge on trends and investor feedback on the Self Storage Industry after investing in today’s economy. Rastegar: Multifamily, Self Storage Well Positioned for Current Market Turmoil In this EXCLUSIVE, Ari Rastegar shares the trends relevant to two particular real estate sectors, multifamily and self storage, which he says are desirable […]

Why Is Self-Storage Investing so Lucrative?

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Why Is Self-Storage Investing so Lucrative?   • It performs great during good or bad economic times. During good times, people are buying lots of stuff and need a place to store it. And during downturns, people are downsizing their homes, so again, they need storage.   • Self-storage garners sticky tenants. People in this […]

According to USNEWS: Self-Storage Offers Investment Opportunities.

Storage-Partners REIT commercial property investing

WHEN IT COMES TO REAL estate investing, profits and losses track to market cycles. Many residential real estate investors shy away from dealing with tenants and maintenance. As a result, they’re seeking other real estate asset classes to invest in. After more than a decade of flipping single-family homes, licensed Realtor and general contractor Scott Mednick is […]

Common Misconceptions About Self-Storage Development Debunked.

Self Storage Facility Investment Investing in Storage

If you’re thinking about building a self-storage facility, you might have some preconceived notions about the process. The author busts some common misconceptions and shows you what to really expect. The self-storage industry has been experiencing a construction boom over the past few years, with many new projects being built all over the county. The […]

These 6 Things Can Ruin Your Metal Roof

Self Storage Facility Metal Roof Damage

Damage to a self-storage metal roof is a matter of when, not if. Learn to look for these six common problems and why restoration may be better than a full replacement. Metal roofs, like those installed on many self-storage buildings, wear extremely well, but they can be prone to specific issues if not properly installed […]

3 Common Design Challenges in Self-Storage and How to Overcome Them

See how a strategic, imaginative approach to developing self-storage can help you overcome these three common design challenges. You might face numerous challenges when designing a self-storage facility, but no matter the hurdle, you can usually clear it with a bit of planning. In fact, when confronted strategically and with some imagination, obstacles can often […]

Driving Self-Storage Add-On Revenue With Vehicle Storage: Pros and Cons

RV storage investing

Vehicle storage can be a great addition to a new or existing self-storage facility, but it isn’t right for every location. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if it’s a good fit. As the self-storage landscape becomes ever more competitive, site operators are exploring all options for increasing business and market […]

GATES Construction Wins Multiple Sand Dollar Awards

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GATES Construction has been awarded four 2018 Sand Dollar Awards by the Collier Building Industry Association (CBIA) in the following categories: Best Healthcare Facility Best Assembly Best Commercial Project Best Clubhouse – Interior. The projects represented by these wins include All Seasons Senior Living Community (Best Healthcare Facility), Vanderbilt Presbyterian Church (Best Assembly), CubeSmart Self […]

Effective Self Storage Tenant Communication with Text Messaging

Business text messages for self storage facilities

Text Messaging in Self-Storage: Exploring One of the Most Effective Tenant-Communication Channels. Text messaging has proven to be one of the most effective communication channels for self-storage operators. Learn how you can implement this technology to better connect with your customers and prospects. With 2019 underway, many self-storage operators are wondering, “What’s next?” We’re already […]